CNC Machining

CNC Milled Stainless and Plastic Parts

In house CNC Machining of Stainless & Mild Steels, Aluminum, & Plastics (Delrin, Teflon, UHMW, etc.).

Turnkey Conveyor Systems

Stainless Steel Syringe Tub Conveyor Line Stainless Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor Line

Complete conveyor systems and associated furnishings from design and prototyping to fabrication and installation.


Electropolished Stainless Steel Vial Trays

Complete in house Electropolishing services. As well as Profilometer Surface Roughness (Ra) readings with certifications.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

AutoCad Logo AutoCad True DWG Format

Electric Metal Fab utilizes CAD design and engineering systems from concept design to manufacturing.

Certifications & Documentation

Electropolishing and Passivation Certification Surface Roughness (Ra) Documentation

Electric Metal Fab understands this vital service and provides Certifications and associated documentation for all work done (including Passivation and Electropolishing Certifications).


Complete in house Stainless Steel Passivation services.

On-Site Repair & Maintenance

On-site visits for welding repair and maintenance of Stainless Steel equipment.